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Stereolithograph micro-loom printed in polylactic acid, handwoven horsehair, live mammalian cells and nutrient media. © 2014-2017 WhiteFeather Hunter. Shot on location at the Pelling Lab for Biophysical Manipulation, uOttawa, Canada by Carlos Jabbour and WhiteFeather Hunter. Special thanks to Andrew Pelling and Daniel Modulevsky. Peformed by WhiteFeather and Abi Aspen Glencross. Compiled and edited by WhiteFeather.
This video shows the "wet weaving" process invented by WhiteFeather Hunter for use in tissue engineering with mammalian cells. Following the wet weaving process is cell seeding the woven scaffolds. The entire process typically takes approximately two days. Cells take 3-4 weeks in the incubator to form a complete tissue covering over the textile scaffold.

Biotextile Craft laboratory process