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Cosms are images of various cell culture experiments captured via iPhone lens pointed through a compound microscope lens. The various osteosarcoma and connective tissue cell cultures represent microecologies that I became familiarized with in the process of engineering the biotextiles. Each microecology is a universe unto itself, displaying an easy association between macro and microcosm.

The .gif animations are a series representative of the laboratory method used so extensively in tissue culture: microscopic observation, a process repeated every two days, indefinitely. This observation practice is necessary not only for maintaining the health of the culture, but for building a cell vocabulary and moving towards biofluency in research. The jerky composition of the .gif mode imitates eye movement through the microscope and animates/overlays the static images in the digital prints, with static breaks in between the movements. This references the animation and subsequent ‘fixing’ of cell culture experiments.

Special thanks to the FOFA Gallery, Montreal for technical assistance (especially Scott).

.gif animation to .mp4, projected
variable dimensions, repetitive duration