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Metamaterial is a woven, Jacquard cloth interpretation of a digital micrograph. The micrograph represents 16 weeks of live connective tissue growth on a biotextile I engineered at SymbioticA. The image was captured during live cell imaging by collaborator, Guy Ben-Ary, who maintained the biotextile at CELLCentral lab (UWA) for a number of weeks on my behalf. The magnification of this micrograph, expanded and materialized at human scale, highlights its relationship with ‘body’ and ‘covering’ while also functioning as a weaving about the subject of woven structure as multiplicious matrix. The Jacquard weaving is double-sided, presenting a positive of the image on one side and a negative on the other.

Metamaterial or Tissu/Tissage, detail, back
Metamaterial or Tissu/Tissage, detail, back
Cotton yarns. Handwoven Jacquard cloth.
160cm x 104cm