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Laser-etched weaving draft (Brigid's Cross) pattern with embedded QR code pattern, on Plexiglas, constructed into cubic 'reliquary' with the assistance of Alexandra Lemus Rodriguez and Antoliano Nieto, mock ossified form (Mock Ossification II) in gel wax secured inside.

Abandoned on empty sculpture base in front of the Musée des beaux arts, Montreal, QC. Tracked online via handmade GPS tracker for approx. 20 hours after abandonment (entire duration of battery life of the tracker). Handmade GPS tracker construction and online tracking setup with the assistance of Michael Mersereau.
Featured with constructed bio-based narrative (fictitious osteobiography) on The Ossificatorium interactive website.
Never found or reported, object still missing, potentially (according to tracking information) in the possession of the Musée des beaux arts, Montreal.

*GPS tracking unit not shown in this image, but was installed as part of the final object before cube was sealed and abandoned in public.

Relic ID # 655-1483
Relic ID # 655-1483
sheet acrylic, hog gut, deer teeth, magnesium sulfate crystals, gel wax, GPS tracking unit