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Laser-etched twill weave pattern on Plexiglas, constructed into obelisk 'reliquary' with the assistance of Alexandra Lemus Rodriguez and Antoliano Nieto, mock ossified form (Mock Ossification VI) suspended in gel wax.
Laser-etched QR code on bottom of obelisk leads to constructed bio-based narrative (fictitious osteobiography) on The Ossificatorium interactive website.
Abandoned in the Mont Royal Cemetery, Montreal, QC.
Found/recovered from a location near to where originally abandoned, but object had been moved and repositioned.

Relic ID # 656-1599
Relic ID # 656-1599
sheet acrylic, hog gut, potassium ferricyanide crystals, gel wax
16.5” x 5.25” x 5.25”