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This object is a biomimetic representation of the natural process of bone formation gone wrong. The bone is necrotic, in the process of disease and decay while still partially living. Hog gut is manipulated using a woven 3/1 twill structure to create a compact tissue matrix. The sculpted matrix form was then suspended in a saturated solution of toxic cupric sulfate (Copper salts) to grow crystals. This mimics the biological process of chemical interference with the growth of living tissue. Following crystal formation, more hog gut is overlaid to create the impression of necrotic bone surface, still partially revealing the inside structure to create a nonliving artifact. Colour variations in the tissue have resulted from its contact with the cupric sulfate chemical.

This process, which I've named "mock ossification" serves as preliminary research leading to future laboratory-based tissue engineering experiments.

Mock Ossification V: Osteonecrosis, detail
Mock Ossification V: Osteonecrosis, detail
handwoven and stretched hog gut, cupric sulfate crystals