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Step on a crack and you'll break your mother's back.

Milf was presented as a floor piece during the Montreal Erotic Art Festival at Foufounes electriques, August 2013. Spectators and participants in the festival were presented with a dilemma: to walk on the piece or not as they entered the gallery space. Reactions ranged from total oblivion to ambivalence to fear of stepping on the work/figure, to obvious pleasure in tramping over it. Meant to reflect various attitudes towards women's (and in particular, mothers') sexualized bodies, Milf on the floor opens dialogue around sexual preference/ fetishism, feminism and objectification.
Post-festival, the piece bears the marks of the event in the scuff marks and imprints that still remain in the surface, even after bar staff mopped over it along with the rest of the floor.

Milf at the Montreal Erotic Art Festival
c print, gold leaf, epoxy resin, paper on floor
45" x 33"