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WhiteFeather's first video project was created for and debuted as part of 'A Surreal Masquerade' at the Beaverbrook Art Gallery, New Brunswick's provincial art gallery, on February 19th. This five-minute video was played on a loop and back-projected into the large window space above the gallery's main entrance during the four-hour event.

"Fantasmagorie, or Phantasmagoria is a French name for a form of late 18th-century theatre, which used a modified magic lantern to project frightening images such as skeletons, demons, and ghosts onto walls, smoke, or semi-transparent screens, frequently using rear projection.
The magic lantern is considered the predecessor of today’s slide projector and the forerunner of the motion picture projector. Though it was often used for amusement by projecting quaint and pastoral imagery, phantoms, devils, and other macabre objects were also sometimes projected, thus giving rise to phantasmagoria."
(extracted from Wikipedia)

Skype-mediated performances facilitated by WhiteFeather form the body of this 5-minute video, starring Shantell Powell and Brittany Hunter. Background music and sound mixing by Chris Giles. This work connects the technology of a computer screen projection with the idea of the magic lantern, in a sequence of lo-fi surreal images. Flaws/features of the medium are exploited, including internet lag, two-pass interlacing jaggies, pixellation distortion and fingerprints on the screen.

fantasmagorie (video still)
fantasmagorie (video still)
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