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Favourite comments:

"In some ways the worst part is the hay-and-owl-pellet looking thing protruding from where the mouth should be." -- 2eyedchuck

"Not sure if want to yiff.... Can't we get a decent face shot? It's not like the thing's ringed with velvet rope and Do Not Touch signs." -- ThisTotallyIsntPorn

"I think the strangest part of this thing is that now I'm aroused." -- Erik the Red

"Reminds me of the Huldra/Skogsrå" -- Dr Nillson

"OH GOD." -- itstimetopaytheprice

"Just be thankful you don't live in Fredericton, I'm scared to go to sleep now." -- Hououin Kyouma

"EGAD!! A FURRONY!!! Please tell me she won't be in some fanmade grimdark clopfic!" -- Discord the Draconequus

Alma on
Alma on