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Collection of Tod Pardon, New York.

Bone, human hair, rabbit fur, fabric, beeswax, coral, found antique doilies, silk ribbon, tulle, grosgrain ribbon, sea glass.

'Tattie Bogle' is another word for 'scarecrow' in Scotland. Made from a baby deer skull, netted, with pigtails of real human hair tied with strips of rabbit fur. Body is waxed fabric, stuffed with human hair and wool. Her special small arm is a piece of sea coral. She's got a waxed vintage handmade doily pocket over her heart area, tied up with silk ribbon. Inside is a little surprise. She wears another little waxed vintage handmade doily as an apron, with a tulle underskirt.

Tattie Bogle
Tattie Bogle
found/mixed media
48.5cm x 41cm x 14cm