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Collection of Sarah Petite, Fredericton, New Brunswick.

Beaver skull (netted), beaver fur, gull skull, gull wings, human hair, grosgrain ribbon, metal cage, feathers, fabric, beeswax.

This was inspired by a childhood song I remember:

Little rabbit Foo-Foo,
hopping through the forest,
scooping up the field mice
and bopping them on the heads!
Down came the goooooood fairy,
and she said...
Little rabbit Foo-Foo,
I don't want to see you
scooping up the field mice
and bopping them on their heads!
Disobey me, and I'll turn you into a...

Foo-Foo is a wooly-eyed beaver skull with a beaver fur cap and feather antennas. He reminds me of a moth, and maybe he only comes out at night. In his little cage is a seagull skull, so he must hunt gulls to steal their wings, for he has no arms of his own. His waxed body is completely stuffed with human hair.

found/mixed media