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Collection of Tod Pardon, New York.

Netted coyote skull, fabric, human hair, found doily, beeswax, seagull wing, bone, found wooden spool entwined with handspun human hair yarn, cowrie shells, ribbon, waxed linen.

Stuffed completely with human hair. Moppet dangles a wishbone from hair yarn, like a treasure.

From the curatorial essay by Peter Powning, for Leap of Faith; New Brunswick College of Craft and Design Faculty Exhibition catalogue, Beaverbrook Art Gallery, Fredericton:

"Finally we get to WhiteFeather and her intriguing marsupial fetish Moppet. This visceral piece goes beyond the easy shock value of the materials to show us something more... There is a mildly creepy/confrontational aspect of using unaltered bones and skulls in contemporary art. In some ways, it's an easy way to stir reactions, so I think these corporeal bits need to be used with care and respect. Many people are a bit queasy about bones, which strikes me as a bit peculiar since we are all full of them, and the same folks who are uneasy about them in the context of an art gallery might be seen gnawing on one in a restaurant. Yet, especially when reincorporated into fetishistic dolls, they cause a resonance with our suppressed fears and perhaps the deeply rooted remnants of superstitions... Her work is successful, at least in part, because of its strong intuitive, emotional and intellectual underpinnings."
(pp. 31-34)

found/mixed media