Biomateria + Contagious Matters, FOFA Gallery, MontrealL'art est Vivant at Maison des arts de LavalSonya + Osanna (SAOS-2 + U-2 OS), after William Gale GedneySonya + Osanna (SAOS-2 + U-2 OS), after William Gale Gedney, detailSonya + Osanna (SAOS-2 + U-2 OS), after William Gale Gedney, detailSonya + Osanna (SAOS-2 + U-2 OS), after William Gale Gedney, detailSonya + Osanna, after William Gale GedneySonya + Osanna, process sampleMetamaterial or Tissu/Tissage, gallery installation with blacklight back lightMetamaterial or Tissu/Tissage, detail, frontMetamaterial or Tissu/Tissage, detail, backMetamaterial or Tissu/Tissage, detail, front, blacklight installationMetamaterial or Tissu/Tissage, installationAn Esthetics of DisappointmentAn Esthetics of Disappointment, installationAn Esthetics of Disappointment, installation detailBibliographicCosms, installed as part of BibliographicCosms, detailCosmsSignage/ Enseigne, dress/performanceSignage/ Enseigne, dress detailSignage/ Enseigne, dress detailSignage/ Enseigne, vinyl posterSignage/ Enseigne, vinyl posterThe OssificatoriumThe Ossificatorium, view from front of room looking towards backThe Ossificatorium, view from back of room looking towards entranceIncubatrix Neith Incubatrix Neith, detail: electronicsIncubatrix Neith, detail: Biotextile n=xBiotextile n=x, microscopic detailThe Ossificatorium/ Incubatrix Neith, detailIncubatrix Neith, detail: back (instruction panel)Incubatrix Neith featured on Daily PlanetThe Ossificatorium, detail: lab fridgeThe Ossificatorium, detail: lab fridgeExperiments n=1, n=2, n=3... and InstrumentsExperiments n=1, n=2, n=3... Experiments n=1, n=2, n=3..., detailBiotextile Scaffold, macro detailThe Ossificatorium, official documentsThe Ossificatorium, official documents, detailBiohazard Permit, Biosafety Level IIProcess Portrait, installation with Field InvestigationField Investigation, video stillProcess Portrait, detailProcess Portrait, detailVita InactivaStatement of Non-pathogenicityBiomateria; Biotextile CraftBiotextile Craft laboratory process
BIOMATERIA is a vital materialist mixed media and digital installation of works. The artworks in Biomateria form an inquiry into the aesthetic, conceptual and practical crossovers between textile techniques, wet biology laboratory practices and micro-ecology. Much of this work specifically comments on the relationship between nonhuman agents (cells) and human technological and creative industry, via the crafting of textile-based forms seeded with live mammalian cell lines. Through a series of reflections on making and conceptualizing, I propose a methodological strategy and philosophy for thinking around the hybrid works in Biomateria. I call this philosophy, “Haptic Epistemology”.

The process-based and hands-on nature of research-creation, in addition to the ‘matter’ (physical, political, cultural) of life science praxes, is a core research concern. The works mean to, in addition to craft and aesthetics, explore the variety of nebulous political areas concerned with BioArt: DIY bio/ bio-hacking, ethics, academic bureaucracy and institutionalism, as well as artistic goals, responsibilities and failures. Interdisciplinary practice between art and science, including methodological intersections, current policies, and thinking around the formation of new policies, have been studied as key considerations in both the execution and display of BioArt. I consider economic nuances in relation to labour practices, from a feminist materialist and craft perspective.

The works presented in this exhibition are a combination of actual and representational. Applied science/ technology, enforced institutional bureaucratic indicators, and artistic manipulations/ representations are displayed in tandem.

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