Biotextile IBiotextile I, microscopic detailBiotextile I, microscopic detailBiotextile I, microscopic detailBiotextile I, microscopic detailBiotextile I, microscopic detailBiotextile II, in processBiotextile IIUntitledBiotextile III, in progressBiotextile IIIBiotextile IV, in processBiotextile IV, in process, detailBiotextile IVBiotextile VBiotextile VIBiotextile VI, microscopic detailBiotextile VI, contaminationBiotextiles I-IV, installationBiotextiles I - IV, installationAseptic Requiem, gallery versionAseptic Requiem, installation viewAseptic Requiem, gallery installation3T3 cells in cultureOsteoblasts in cultureC2C12 cells in culture, microscopic detailCell Parent, seriesUWA Health and Safety Induction CertificationUWA Biosafety Induction Certification
Crafting Biotextiles
Crafting Biotextiles was a 15-week research-creation residency project at SymbioticA International Centre for Excellence in Biological Arts to explore the application of textile pattern + structural integrity to the construction of organic matrices for use in tissue engineering.

Manually fostering cell culture growth on traditional, aesthetic textile forms speaks to the intersection of hands-on wet biology practices with creative craft processes.

3D-printed weaving tools remain as part of the living cultures after practical use, as an integral and conceptual part of the overall laboratory apparatus: a comment on materiality as well as the agency and haptic intelligence of microbiological systems to design themselves in cooperation with intentional/artistic human design.

Part of the project evolved to include an investigation of the overlaps between histological laboratory practices and textile methods, such as staining/dyeing.

All research and works created during residency at SymbioticA International Centre for Excellence in Biological Arts, Perth, Western Australia. 3D printing (looms + tools) created at Alternate Anatomies Lab, School of Design & Art, Curtin University, Perth, Western Australia.

Invaluable research support was graciously offered by:
Prof. Ionat Zurr, Guy Ben-Ary, Prof. Stuart Hodgetts, Mary Lee, Shirley Chang, Soichiro Mihara, Audrey Chan, Prof. Stelarc, Oron Catts, Chris Cobilis and the community of fellow artists/researchers at SymbioticA in the masters and PhD programs.

Funding for the residency was generously provided by:
artsnb, the New Brunswick Arts Board
Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC)
Concordia International
and the following private donors:
Peter Steggall, Alison Short, Joan Peddle, Cathy Gillis, Erica Stanley, Betty Hunter, Yolande & Lee Clark, Jennica Lounsbury, Carol Green, Sonny Assu, Mireille Bourgeois, Elliott Rajnovic, Kerri-Lynn Reeves, Barbara Layne, Pauline McClusky, Mireille Eagan, Renee Laprise, Allison Green, Rebecca Smyth, Jane Adams, Ingrid Bachmann, Kelly Thompson, Matthew Thomson, Amanda Ruiz, Monica Lacey, Hannah Givler, Julie Whittaker, Fabiola Martinez, John MacDermid, Ann Manuel, Laura Maynard, Karen LeBlanc, Patricia O'Brien

Special thanks to Prof. Tagny Duff, Prof. Kelly Thompson, Prof. Trevour Gould and Ann Manuel for funding proposal support.