ChrysopoeiaChrysopoeiaChrysopoeia, detailChrysopoeia, detailChrysopoeia, detailChrysopoeia, detailChrysopoeia, installation
A secret script concealing alchemical secrets.

Turkey and chicken wishbones were soaked in an acetic acid solution until they became malleable, allowing them to be shaped into new letter forms.

“If a meaning might transfer itself fleetingly here or there, it is only in the form of one or two frustrating words that are one’s coded appeal to what might make sense out of life; this equals an attempt at a pathetic magic. Everyone else follows the rules of communication… but their speech too is totally incomprehensible, even though they are your closest friends. They suddenly speak another language. Your home has become a foreign country, however hospitable.”

— Douglas Kahn, “Significant Noises”, Noise, Meat, Water – A History of Sound in the Arts, Cambridge + London: MIT Press, 2001, p42.