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Original .gif files of self-portrait performance with gold leaf on skin.

Amelia Jones, in Body Art; Performing the Subject, states: “Precisely because feminist body artists enact themselves in relation to the long-standing Western codes of female objectification (what Craig Owens has called the “rhetoric of the pose”), they unhinge the gendered oppositions structuring conventional models of art production and interpretation (female/object verus male/acting subject) … reiteratively exaggerating it beyond its veiled patriarchal function of female objectification.”1

The self-portrait performance was originally done as embodied research into the Russian folkloric character, Baba Yaga. Closely related to the ancient Scythian sun goddess, Tibiti, Baba Yaga sometimes has a gold leg. I covered my entire body in gold leaf and enacted gestures that reference both madness and seduction, qualities I understand every witch to possess.

The .gif format was used for its endless repetitive nature, referencing obsessive acts and the inability to ever complete them.

1. Jones, Amelia. “The Rhetoric of the Pose: Hannah Wilke and the Radical Narcissism of Feminist Body Art”, Body Art; Performing the Subject. 1998. Minnesota: University of Minnesota Press. pp 151-152.

Article on Feminist Figure Girl blog.