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A teratoma is a tumour type that contains different tissue and organ variations, and can include hair, teeth, bone, limbs, eyeballs, torsos, hands or feet. The word teratoma is derived from the Greek word, teras, meaning ‘monster’.

Teratomas come from undeveloped embryo cells, and can have partial spines or even a rudimentary beating heart, all indications that it is actually an unformed twin, or a parasitic twin.

Do these little, frustrated monsters have feelings? How would it feel to be the loser in the genetic game of reproduction? The metaphorical implications include the normal human experiences of suffering unmet potential, being held back, suspended, restricted, and never allowed to become what one dreams of being.

This teratoma, a grotesque representation of when human potential goes wrong, speaks to embracing failure, and accepting thwarted dreams and undesired results as a not-so-uncommon part of being alive.