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Hockey Fight in Canada
Typing in ‘hockey’ to the search function on YouTube generates a long list of video clips that glorify the violence of NHL hockey games. Top comments from online viewers, such as: “if your gonna fight take your helmets off haha”, “OMG someone please kill them all!!!”, “boxin on ice :P shud be a new sport”, and “lol, #7 dude in green t shirt has such a vagina face ! the only one which was serious was #1, the dude in white knows how to fight... punches straight to the face” reveal a dominant part of the culture and mentality surrounding hockey in Canada. Recent news about new research, on repeat concussions and the long-term damage done to hockey players’ brains, tells us that hockey violence is a self-perpetuating cycle.

Each panel is a digital photograph taken of the artist’s computer screen while YouTube videos of hockey games were playing. Each panel is titled with the name of the YouTube video from which it was captured via digital camera. The cursor in some of the images is to remind us of the spectator, of the active role the viewer plays in promoting this particular form of violence.