Hair net: gallery installHair net: detailHair net: detailAt work on the hair netPull CordPull Cord: detail, ropePull Cord: detail, blockPull Cord: detail, rope (dreadlocks)Cable HomeSecretExhibition invite and artist statement for Clew at the UNB Art Centre, Fredericton.Cable Home, reinstalled as 'Cavum'
In this body of work, my interest in identity and language became concerned with ‘place’ as an area for the investigation of cultural psyche. Having grown up in a maritime culture, I felt inspired to work on a series of pieces that would evoke the mythical and etymological crossovers between textile making and storytelling by men at sea. I followed one of the invisible threads between text and textiles by symbolically referring to the ‘spinning of yarns’, particularly feminine-specific myths or stories which would have evolved within this context.

I intertwined these references with the literal act of textile production employed by sailors and fishermen for practical reasons; the making of rope, knotting, netting and knitting. The use of (mostly) women’s hair as my fiber conjures references to female sexual power as portrayed in archetypes familiar to a life experience at sea (mermaids, sea hags, etc.). I wished to exemplify the longing aroused by memories of the beloved at home, which perhaps inspired such tales of sexualized/ de-sexualized female archetypes.

With these pieces, it was my intention to dissect notions of binding, both literal and emotional — the ways in which we symbolically possess our objects of desire through tangible and intangible means in order to bridge the divide between fantasy & reality and locate that thread to our essential selves.