WhiteFeather is a Canadian artist/researcher, educator, consultant and writer currently based in Montreal.

WhiteFeather works in a variety of traditional and new media, including sculpture, video, performance, photography, textiles, digital surveillance, writing and bio art. The majority of her work deals with issues around identity and physicality, affectation and instinct, where cloth can stand in for skin and/or bodily matter can become material for making. WhiteFeather’s most recent work includes tissue engineering and biomimesis, utilizing textile structures in the creation of semi-living and/ or life-like art organisms.

WhiteFeather is a multiple-award winner and grant recipient. She has shown and performed work in solo, group and collaborative exhibitions in Canada, the US and Australia, given artist talks internationally and been featured in international magazines, newspapers, hardcover art books and television spotlights. WhiteFeather saw her work go viral in 2012 with 5+ million hits in 3 days, via reddit front page.

Homepage image: Work-in-progress.
3D-printed ABS miniature loom & needle created at Alternate Anatomies Lab, School of Design & Art, Curtin University, Perth, Western Australia with the help of Stelarc. Handwoven catgut suture thread enculturated with 3T3 cells, in DMEM cell culture media. Created during a residency at SymbioticA International Centre for Excellence in Biological Arts, Perth, Western Australia.